Elhers Danlos Awareness Association 
A Non-Profit Organization
Raleigh, NC

Mission Statement

To educate the public and clinicians about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) in an effort to find a cure!!

The Ehlers Danlos Awareness Association was founded by our President and CEO, Carly Freeman, who was diagnosed with vascular and hypermobility Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Co-Founders are her two sons, who were also diagnosed with hypermobility EDS. Carly decided to make it her life's work to spread awareness because of the lack of knowledge that she experienced from physicians and specialists. There is no cure, and she has not received very successful treatment for her daily chronic pain as well as other symptoms including daily migraines, multiple aneurysms, small nerve neuropathy, narcolepsy and deterioration of tissue in her joints. Therefore, Carly's condition and fight with EDS continues to be a progressive struggle. 
With the help of the organization and other supporters, we can help Carly achieve her goals
  • Help her sons and others with EDS
  • Work with healthcare providers properly diagnose patients, provide adequate treatment for symptoms and find a cure.

Elhers Danlos Awareness Assocation Board of Directors




Executive Director


Deputy Director/ Vice President

Board Co-Chairperson



JAMES E. WARD, JR.       


KENNY M. WARD         

Director of Association Affairs

Board Co-Chairperson


Director of Communications & Media

EMILY MOORE             

Director of Medical Collaboration



Cynthia Anthony

Board Co-chairperson

Fundraising Committee

Executive Committee

Dr. Linnie Smith Carter

Board Advisor

Carly Freeman

Fundraising Committee

Financial Committee

Executive Committee

Danielle Freeman

Communications & Public Relations Committee

Executive Committee

Emily Moore

Conference Committee

James E. Ward, Jr

Financial Committee

Executive Committee

Kenneth Ward 

Board Co-chairperson

Executive Committee






Darius Allen

Communications/Public Relations Committee

Dondre Allen

Communications/Public Relations Committee

Elise Anthony

Conference Committee/Fundraising Committee

Letitia Freeman Edwards

Conference Committee

Camille Kauer

Media Ambassador

Britaina Mayo

Conference Committee

Van Mitchell

Conference Committee

Felicia Freeman Oliver

Conference Committee

Garrett Strong

(Conference Committee)


Dr. Amit R. Mehta, MD


Cary, NC

Dr. Amrit Manes Gill

(Primary Care Physician)

Duke Medical Center

Morrisville, NC

Dr. David M. Marks, MD

(Doctor of Education/Neurologist/Pain Management/Psychiatrist)

Duke Medical University

Durham, NC

Dr. Keisha-Gaye N. O'Garo, PsyD

(Pain Management/Psychologist)

Duke Medical Center

Durham, NC

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